Unexpected foods that decrease your metabolism

You are doing everything right but it just feels that your metabolism is getting slower and slower. However, your body has nothing to do with this but instead there are certain foods that you eat that are damaging your metabolism and they slow it down.

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Most of us are eating foods that absolutely cause havoc to your metabolism. One of the biggest setbacks to weight-loss are the foods that are killing your metabolism. These are foods that are going to cause inflammation, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and shut down your body’s fat-burning potential.

Even if you are eating less and exercising more, if metabolism death foods are part of your daily diet, you will never achieve the body of your dreams. Foods that are killing your metabolism actually act like toxins on your body and put your body into a fighting situation because it has to response. Here, a scary issue is that a lot of these foods are actually labeled as being “health foods” when in fact these very foods are shutting down your metabolism.

#1 Whole Grains

whole-grainsBasically, whole Grains are empty calories and they also contain two ingredients called Phytic Acid and Gluten. Phytic Acid is an anti-nutrient that blocks your body from absorbing certain minerals. Gluten has been proven to time and time again to slow down your metabolism, it has been shown to cause digestive issues, Thyroid problems and absolutely ruin you metabolism.

So, stay away from cookies, crackers and sandwiches and go from foods that act as metabolism revivals. The alternatives to Whole Grains are metabolism revivers like Sprouted Grains and Coconut Flour. You can have your Grains and eat them too.  With Sprouted Grains, we are killing off Phytic Acid, so your body is able to absorb all those nutrients that support metabolism. Coconut Flour is diet’s best friend.

#2 Peanut Butter

peanut-butterWe know Peanut Butter as a food that tastes delicious but it is actually death to your stomach. It has been linked to food allergies, hormone issues, slowing down your metabolism. Peanut Butter contains an ingredient called Athlete Oxen which is a type of Fungus that can kill good bacteria that are known as probiotics in your stomach. This in turn will affect your metabolism.

So, for Peanut Butter the metabolism reviver is Almond Butter which can absolutely speed up your metabolism and help your body burn fat. This is because it contains an Amino acid called L-arginine which increase Human Growth Hormone in your body and that helps your body put on lean muscle and burn more body fat. Just one tablespoon of Almond Butter can set your metabolism on fire.

#3 Canola Oil

canola-oilSo far, we thought that Canola Oil was healthy and certainly a healthy alternative to the butter. The type of Oil you consume is so important when it comes to getting off those 10 pounds as there are so many people who say that they are these 5, 10 or 20 pounds that cannot get off. The issue with Canola Oil is that it is partially a Hydrogenated Oil which means that it will cause inflammation throughout your entire body.

The metabolism reviver here is Butter. So, we are bringing back butter. Actually, your stomach loves butter because it will help you burn your belly fat. Butter contains a fatty acid called CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – which has been proven to help your body burn belly fat. But, not just any butter, it should be grass-fed butter which you can buy at your local grocery store and it is also called Pastor Butter.

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