Thai Wild Mushroom Salad

Thai Mushroom Salad Recipe

Stock up on cilantro, mint, and shallots and you’re well on your way to enjoying the aromatic salads of Thailand. Lightness and the emphasis on balancing hot, sour, and salty elements seem to be the hallmark of Thai greens. Instead of oils and vinegars, try whipping out the chiles, limes, and fish sauce for a change.

Culantro sounds and tastes like that other love-it-or-hate-it herb found on Indian and Mexican dishes. Also known as long-leaf, spiny, serrated, or sawtooth coriander, culantro looks completely different. It has a stronger scent and weaker taste compared to cilantro, but maybe it’s just me.

You’ll also need ground toasted rice, a seemingly insignificant ingredient that is easy to overlook. If you ever see it listed in any Thai recipe, just remember that it is never optional.

recipe adapted from David Thompson’s Thai Food
Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Cook Almost Anything

Thai Wild Mushroom Salad
Yam Het Bpa

makes 4 servings as a side dish

King Oyster Trumpet Mushrooms
King Oyster Mushrooms.


a few handfuls of wild mushrooms, about 1/3 pound, sliced
2 tablespoons stock
a pinch of salt
a pinch of sugar
3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
2 tablespoons fish sauce (nam pla)
a large pinch of chile powder
4 shallots, thinly sliced
a handful of mint and cilantro, leaves only
2 tablespoons culantro (pak chii farang)
1 tablespoons scallions, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon ground toasted rice (khao kua)
a few sprigs of Thai basil
sliced cabbage and cucumber

Culantro - Pak Chii Farang
Pak chii farang, aka foreign coriander. ‘Tis originally from the West (Central America).


  1. Place the mushrooms, stock, salt, and sugar in a small pan and bring to a gentle simmer. Cook until the mushrooms are done (the cooking time varies depending on the type of mushrooms you use). Adjust the amount of water you add so that the water is almost completely evaporated when the mushrooms are done.
  2. Remove the mushrooms from the heat and season with the lime juice, fish sauce, and chile powder. Place in a bowl and toss with the shallots, herbs, and scallions.
  3. To serve, sprinkle with the ground toasted rice. Serve with Thai basil leaves and slices of cabbage and cucumber.

Thai Mushroom Salad in Fish Sauce
Mushrooms seasoned with fish sauce, lime juice, and chile powder.

Thai Mushroom Salad Mixed
Cooked king oyster mushrooms have a pleasing meaty texture.

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36 Responses to “Thai Wild Mushroom Salad”

  1. Rosa says:

    That’s original! A refreshing and exquisite salad!



  2. joey says:

    I love culantro! I can’t find it very often over here but I still remember when I fist came across it…it was love at first sniff! :)

    This salad sounds delicious! I’ve never had a Thai salad with mushrooms!

  3. Julia says:

    This salad looks great. I have some ground rice in my pantry == it’s a great way to keep the yummy dressing clinging to the food.

  4. jo says:

    What a great recipe and love the use of oyster mushrooms. The addition of fresh herbs is so refreshing. I guess I could also use a combination of mushrooms in this salad.

  5. Lori Lynn says:

    Sounds so fresh and lively. I think your choice of mushroom was perfect. The photo is gorgeous.

  6. U.Pink says:

    never had a salad plate filled with mushrooms.. masarap ba yan? ^^

  7. Manggy says:

    Warm mushroom salad? Several degrees of awesome. Love it. (Love that I can also get the ingredients easily! :)

  8. Sophie says:

    What an excellent & lovely tasty salad!! yummie too!

  9. Natashya says:

    You always have the best food!
    I have never tried culantro, I have only seen it on Iron Chef.

  10. katiek @kitchensidecar says:

    I LOVE THIS DISH AND I LOVE THESE MUSHROOMS. You can get them for so cheap at the asian market.

    They are so meatt. I use them for stir fries and anything braised. mmm…

  11. maybelles mom says:

    This dish looks wonderful and I do enjoy both cilantro and culantro–though I always have trouble finding the later.

  12. Mary says:

    Looks so exotic…and oh by the way, what a fabulous photo!!!

  13. Gera @ SweetsFoods says:

    A rich, elegant and sophisticated salad! So yummy :)

    I’m sending a flavorful tweet and stumbling…



  14. Meg says:

    I love anything Thai and this looks delicious!

  15. Carolyn Jung says:

    One of my best friends absolutely hates cilantro. I wonder if she would like culantro any better since it’s milder tasting. Hmmm, I’ll have to keep a watchful eye out for some, since I have never tried it, either. At least, that I know of. ;)

  16. elra says:

    Oh, I love Thai food. Never had this salad. Willing to try this. Sounds really delicious Jude.

  17. Tangled Noodle says:

    I will confess: I used to think “culantro” was just a misspelling – didn’t realize it’s a distinct variety. This salad looks delicious and noting your mention that the oyster ’shrooms have a meaty texture, almost a meal unto itself!

  18. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

    I’ve heard that some people has a particular kind of enzyme in their saliva that means that cilantrto tastes soapy to them which is why some people really, really don’t like it and why others don’t quite understand why!

  19. Miri says:

    I love Thai food (prob because it is so similar to South Indian food) and its lovely mixture of tastes! Haven’t seen these mushrooms over here – but the ground toasted rice we use in India too – mainly to make a kind of thin gruel (kanji) which is very very comforting when you are sick or have a stomach upset.

    That salad looks delicious!


  20. Leela@SheSimmers says:

    Good job as always, Jude. The salad looks very good – so earthy yet so elegant. This and a bowl of warm sticky rice would make for a very satisfying meal.

  21. Ben says:

    I love this kind of salads. One of my best friends is from Vietnam and he has introduced me to so many delicious aromatic salads that going back to the boring Westerner salads is out of the question. Hehe.

  22. sara says:

    culantro and cilantro!!! ugh. Other than those evil herbs, this salad sounds pretty interesting.

  23. pigpigscorner says:

    Such lovely flavours! Serving it with ground toasted rice sounds wonderful.

  24. noble pig says:

    Very exotic, very beautiful and just plain yum!

  25. Julia says:

    I made these for dinner last night — absolutely delightful! They were a bright compliment to the grilled steak (marinated with Koreans flavors.)

  26. Julia, never thought of the ground rice as a way to keep the dressing clinging to the food. Makes sense since the Thai salad dressing tends to be really thin.

    U pink, oo naman.

    Carolyn, It’s milder but seems stronger in smell to me, so I’m thinking your friend will also hate culantro.

    Sara – :)

  27. Weekend Herb Blogging #193 Recap | says:

    [...] Wild Mushroom Saladby Jude from Apple Pie, Patis and Pâté Jude introduces us to another interesting ingredient, Culantro and uses it in this beautiful Thai Wild Mushroom Salad. Jude believes it has a stronger scent but weaker taste when compared to cilantro – all I know is that I want to go and find some! [...]

  28. astrid says:

    Lovely Salad. Seems perfect for a summer picnic.

  29. Kevin says:

    This mushroom salad sounds really good!

  30. Olga says:

    that looks so refreshing. I’m glad I’m one of the lucky people who like cilantro :)

  31. Caitlin says:

    It’s funny, I went from hate to love with cilantro – now I use it whenever recipes call for parsley because I like its flavor better. Love that taste bud evolution!

  32. Ben says:

    HI There

    Really stunning food photos. First off apologies for contacting you through the comments instead of by email but I wanted to bring FoodandFizz to your attention as a great place for you to share some of your photos. We would love to feature some of your photos and hopefully send a little traffic back this way to you :) Drop me an email if you have any problems and look forward to seeing your stuff



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