Eat these foods to have a youthful and shining skin

In this article, we are talking about a fancy cream or a lotion for your cream but we are talking about foods which will give you great skin. For this list, we are examining foods that have been proven to help your skin in one way or another.

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#1 Green Tea

Did you know that if you drank a cup of Green Tea every day you would burn an extra 200 calories a week? Almost any tea is a delicious beverage but Green Tea in particular has many uses when it comes to skin care. First off, drinking it will help keep you hydrated and hydration is key when it comes to great skin.

It can also be applied topically in different ways to help reduce sunburns, treat acne, moisturize skin and clear up those dark circles under your eyes. Is it any wonder that so many lotions and moisturizers brag about having green tea extract in their products?

#2 water

waterWhat can be healthier than plain, old water? Although it seems so basic, water is the single most important thing for keeping skin healthy. Stay hydrated is the first line of defense for many skin conditions as dry skin is the basis for many common dermatological problems.

Plus, drinking eight glasses of water a day will help ensure your body is free of skin-clogging toxins. For water, what you have to do is just take a drink. It is just that easy.

#3 Walnuts

walnutsBlack walnut might be safe most people when taken by mouth for the short term. The Walnut functions as a superseed for all the health benefits it provides including those that affect your epidermis. Packed with vitamin B, Walnuts help reduce the physical effects of ageing. They are also good for alleviating stress which as we have mentioned, can affect skin health.

Walnut oil is a great moisturizer so it lends a hand in fighting dry skin.  That same oil can lighten up dark circles and can be made into a mask for that extra added skin healing effect. Make it into a face scrub along with oats, honey, cream and olive oil.

#4 Yogurt

yogurtPutting yogurt on your face might draw strange looks from people but you will have the last laugh when you show off your beautiful skin. Yogurt is one of those beautiful foods that can made into a mask that can be used for different skin needs.

You want to clear and brighten your skin? Yogurt can do that. You need to get rid of those blemishes? It does this, as well. You want to fight off wrinkles? Yogurt can also help you there. While you are waiting for your mask to dry, yogurt is a great snack.

#5 Oatmeal

oatmealWhile eating Oatmeal help your body in a few ways, its use as a home remedy face mask is what makes it ideal for giving great skin. Containing quite a few amino acids, oatmeal helps fight acne, minor skin conditions and skin damage and is a natural skin soother. Why else would you take an oatmeal bath?

A mask made of Oatmeal is also hypoallergenic meaning any skin type can benefit from its use. Last but not least, combing Oatmeal with other ingredients can also act as a moisturizer and help your skin stay hydrated.

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