Bread Bowls for Soups

Bread Bowls for Soups and Dips Recipe

We’re all about baking and cooking from scratch here. Homemade serving vessels might be taking things a bit too far, though. Gently nestling flattened pieces of dough on upturned bowls seems so… homely. I feel like scrapbooking or knitting a sweater after making bread soup bowls.

These are always fun to have on hand whenever soups and stews are on the menu, though. Aside from a less cluttered kitchen sink, the bread bowls itself are actually worth eating. These are nothing like the stale leathery bread bowls tougher than tupperware.

This recipe for bread soup bowls is quick and easy. Get the dough started before preparing dinner and the bowls be done by the time your soup starts simmering.

recipe adapted from Richard Bertinet’s Dough: Simple Contemporary Breads
Yeastspotting at Wild Yeast Blog

Bread Bowls for Soups and Dips

makes 4 to 8 bread bowls, depending on size

Bread Bowls for Soups and Dips Top

Ingredients                  Volume          Ounces          Grams
all-purpose flour                 2 cups          9            255
semolina or whole wheat flour     1 tbsp          0.3            8
instant yeast                   3/4 tsp
salt                              1 tsp
water, lukewarm                 3/4 cup           6            170
olive oil or melted butter    2 1/2 tbsp          1.2           35

herbs and ground spices (optional)


Mix             Mix together all of the ingredients until a shaggy
                ball of dough is formed.

Knead           6 to 8 minutes, until a smooth ball of dough is

Rest            30 minutes

Preheat Oven    400ºF / 205ºC

Prepare a sheet pan lined with parchment or silicone and 4 to 8
ovenproof bowls. I used ramekins and pyrex bowls. Lightly coat the
bottoms with oil or nonstick spray.

Lay herbs and/or spices on top of the upturned bowls (optional).

Divide          4 to 8 pieces

Rest            10 minutes to allow the gluten to relax and make
                flattening easier.

Shape           Flatten the pieces of dough into circles about 1/4-
                to 1/2-inch thick.

                Pop any large bubbles and lightly brush with oil or
                melted butter. Lay on the prepared upturned bowls,
                oiled side down, and gently pat down to eliminate air

Bread Bowls for Soups and Dips Rosemary

Bake            Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 400ºF / 205ºC, rotating
                the pan halfway through baking.

Cool            At least 15 minutes

Bread Bowls for Soups and Dips Baked

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132 Responses to “Bread Bowls for Soups”

  1. Girl Japan says:

    This is absolutely fantastic..this reminds me of S.F. chowder in sour bread…. this is beautiful, what a darling presentation… are you having a party?

  2. Rosa says:

    That’s a great idea! Awesome!



  3. Meeta says:

    you are a genius! love this and can’t wait to entertain again so that i can show these off!

  4. Lien says:

    What a lovely idea. It sure would be a hit when having a dinnerparty!

  5. Mrs. L says:

    What an awesome idea! Now if I could just get over my fear of working with yeast….

  6. MyKitchenInHalfCups says:

    These are just the most grand aren’t they!
    They really wow guests and then there are fewer dishes with company!
    Love the herbs for decoration and flavor! That’s brilliant.

  7. Aparna says:

    These are fantastic, Jude. They would provide what my daughter calls the “wow” factor when company’s around!
    With bowls like these, I don’t even need the soup.:D

  8. Dawn of Dawn's Recipes says:

    What a creative idea! I’ll have to try that next time I entertain.

  9. Pigpigscorner says:

    WOw what a great idea!

  10. Zoë François says:

    These are gorgeous and such a lovely and simple way to use bread dough! Wonderful!

  11. Lori says:

    Leave it up to you to come up with something way cool and clever. I just love these. You could even put dip in them for a party.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Those are fantastic Jude! Definitely perfect for some lentil soup!

  13. Spinachtiger says:

    I absolutely love them. I have to do this. Everyone loves soup bowls but I’ve never seem them like this. Clever and gorgeous. How about adding some cornmeal and heat and making chili bowls? The ideas could go on and on….

  14. kat says:

    Wow, those are so cool

  15. Susan/Wild Yeast says:

    Wow! In every way.

  16. rainbowbrown says:

    Well now would you look at that pretty Pyrex mixing bowl. Lovely, just lovely. I dig on the bread bowls as well, most definitely.

  17. grace says:

    i LOVE bread bowls for soup, but all i’ve ever had are huge loaves that’ve been hollowed out. your method is wonderful and looks perfect!

  18. Marija says:

    This is so cool! Great idea!

  19. Veggie Wedgie says:

    Very cool idea!I love it!and those herbs on the bottom of the bread bowls are so cute.

  20. heather says:

    my boyfriend makes his own soup bread bowls… have yet to try one, but i’m sure they’re just as fabulous as yours look! bravo on a fabulous blog – i enjoy visiting. launched my own food blog earlier this week and would love it if you dropped in some time!



  21. Kate says:

    Lovely bowls, and so creative!

    Found your site via Tastespotting and I must say, I love the way you present recipes – multiple measurements, direct and simple instructions. Very user-friendly and cross-country-compatible! I’m excited to have a new blog to follow. :D


  22. The Wind Attack says:

    This is the coolest thing ever. All the fun of a bread bowl with out having too much bread. I’m going to have to try this out ASAP!!!!

  23. jillian says:

    These look so cool! I have always wanted to try making bread bowls but I have never seen a method like this.

  24. Erica from Cooking for Seven says:

    Oh, it has been so long since we’ve attempted bread bowls! I’ll bet these would be good with chili. I really like the idea of fewer dishes. ;)

  25. Natashya says:

    So cool! I have this book and am definitely going to try this!

  26. The Duo Dishes says:

    Maybe this should be our first bread baking venture. Seems so much easier! And cuter!

  27. lisaiscooking says:

    They look like they have a nice crispness on the surface being thinner than a hollowed out mini round loaf. These look great!

  28. Mike says:

    I’ve had bread bowls on my mind lately. Now moreso…these look fantastic. All I need to figure out now is what soup I want

  29. Sweatha says:

    Lovely.I always love bread bowls.They are perfect with soups.especially herbed ones enhance the soup I feel.

  30. Caitlin says:

    Too cool! I like that better than hollowing loaves out, since it wastes less bready goodness. Might have to try that for the super bowl, actually – beef carbonnade in bread bowls sounds fantastic :)

  31. Dragon says:

    I love the herbs at the bottom of the bowl. It sounds so easy to do!

  32. paoix says:

    jude, this is hardcore i like it!

  33. Dee says:

    Jude, this is brilliant! I love the herbs at the bottom, and how adaptable the recipe is. Yay, for you!

  34. Christine says:

    Brilliant. Though think of the poor potters you’ll put out of business.

  35. Nick says:

    Wonderful, I’ve never thought to make these but I don’t see why not. I love having bread with my chili, this just seems like the perfect idea, thanks!

  36. Girl Japan – Something like that :)

    Spinachtiger – Cornmeal would be nice, too. Maybe some jalapenos for heat?

    Heather – Thanks! Will do…

    Lisa – Yup there’s definitely a hint of crispness on the bread bowls. Not chewy at all.

    Never really like hollowing out bread bowls. Seems like such a waste and they take lots more time.

    Thanks again! I really appreciate it when you guys drop by :)

  37. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

    I love this idea! I’ve only seen it done with hollowed out bread rolls but this takes it to a whole other level! :)

  38. Squawkfox says:

    Jude: You really need to do an eBook, well at least 5 eBooks. One for breads, muffins, cookies, main dishes, and German cakes. hint hint.

  39. Jackie says:

    These look so good, I would pick away at them before actually having the stew and soup (which might not be such a good thing).

  40. PaniniKathy says:

    Soup in a bread bowl is one of my favorite things to enjoy on cold days. And now that Artisan Bread in 5 has helped me conquer my fear of breadbaking I’m up for giving these a try. :-)

  41. maryann says:

    Love that 1st photo!

  42. CookiePie says:

    What a fabulous idea! They’re so beautiful!!

  43. red menace says:

    I missed your blog while I was away. Thanks for the recipe. This is a great idea!

  44. Claire says:

    What a wonderful idea. I’ve basically been making soup and eating bread this winter for sustenance. This is a great combination of the two! Thanks!

  45. noobcook says:

    They are so, so beautiful =D

  46. giz says:

    Now this I’m in for. I love this kind of presentation and the bowls sound reasonably easy even for a novice baker like me. Uhmmm….maybe I’ll pass on the scrapbooking and the knitting but I can watch the soup while you do those things. Really refreshing to have something fun to make.

  47. erin @ dessert girl says:

    Yum! I love bread bowls! What a fun idea for a party!

  48. maris says:

    Genius! I love how you did all different sizes. Each one looks just a little bit unique.

  49. noble pig says:

    These are beautiful. How lucky I would feel if my soup came to me in this.

  50. Carolyn Jung says:

    I’m sure my hubby is going to lobby for me to make these for every meal. That way, he’ll never have to wash any dishes ever again. Hah!

  51. sweetbird says:

    I’m such a sucker for bread bowls. I want to fill this with lobster bisque and never wake up…

  52. Caroline says:

    Another epic win, Jude!

  53. Arundathi says:

    Adorable! I’m gonna definitely try this. Would have soup in bread bowls all the time in San Fran, but just don’t get them now – thanks!

  54. clumbsycookie says:

    This is brilliant! I love the idea of eating my soup bowl! It would be great for a small salad as well!

  55. Jesse says:

    Wow, those look too beautiful for words. This is such a brilliant idea, thank you for sharing!

  56. Elizabeth in Toronto says:

    This is a cool idea but don’t the bowls get mushy when the soup is added?

  57. Hannah says:

    These are brilliant! I’ve always been intrigued by bread bowls, but thought that hollowing out a loaf was pretty wasteful, and then the walls would be extremely thick and pretty much inedible. This is definitely the best bread bowl I’ve seen yet.

  58. Kang says:

    Jude your website is really delicious.

    The photos are outstanding and they are perfect! Tack sharp, every single one.

    60 comments per post is like wow, you are a foodblog god i must worship.

  59. Hillary says:

    Nice! How awesome would it be to serve Super Bowl chili in these bread bowls?

  60. Manggy says:

    Oh, that is too cool. I actually thought I’d be seeing sourdough, heh :)

  61. RecipeGirl says:

    I really, really love this idea. It would be perfect for our gourmet club! Wouldn’t need any bowls!

  62. Vera says:

    What a brilliant idea, Jude!

  63. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) says:

    Inspired! I’ve bookmarked this recipe. Love how easy it is, and doesn’t require hours of rising time.

  64. Navita says:

    Gosh those look so gorgeous. I just made tarts the same way ..I mean upturned ramekin style. Ahem …let me introduce myself….my name is Navita and am here for the first time, actually hve been blogging for only three months.

    Am so glad I stumbled here. You have a great place and would absolutely love to entertain you at my lil place sometime. :)

  65. joey says:

    How ingenius! This is fantastic! You’ve made your own bread bowls, they look great, and you’ve made it all look so easy to boot! Bravo :)

  66. _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver says:

    Oh, cool. What came to mind when I read “bread bowl” was those hollowed out round loaves. These are “real” bowls!

  67. Soma says:

    If u didn’t write bread bowls i would think some ancient pottery pieces. How very awesome. who needs soup with bread like this? My kids would absolutley love these. bookmarking this… u made it look pretty simple:-)

    I have that exact same corelle cup:-)

  68. dhanggit says:

    this is absolutely beautiful! what a great way to enjoy soup when you can also eat the bowl hehehehe, you are really genius man! i love these bread!

  69. PG says:

    lovely idea! Look so good. The use of herbs, wonderful!

  70. YeastSpotting January 30, 2009 | Wild Yeast says:

    [...] Bread Bowls for Soup and Dips [...]

  71. Mary says:

    How great are these bowls? Pretty darn great. What a marvelous idea. I’m in awe.

  72. [eatingclub] vancouver || js says:

    You sold me on the no-cleanup benefit. :)

  73. Maggie says:

    These are beautiful and a lot less bread than the hallowed out boule they fill with soup. I have to surprise my husband with them, he’ll be thrilled.

  74. ThePurpleFoodie says:

    Gosh Jude, you’re brilliant! Now I need to find a nice soup recipe! :D

  75. Haley W. says:

    I love this! I have been wanting to serve my sausage and grapes recipe in a bread bowl, because I think it would work perfectly. Now I have a recipe! thanks!

  76. Heidi / Savory Tv says:

    I love this! They look so like such a nice texture to bite into when compared with traditional bread bowls. You’ve inspired me!

  77. Jescel says:

    Jude.. you are simply amazing. This bread bowl looks awesome. The only bread bowl I’ve had are the hollowed out sourdough or italian breads..

  78. Lori Lynn says:

    Love seeing how you made them, especially the herbs on the top of the inverted bowl. Clever!

  79. jo says:

    absolutely brilliant and creative. not only is it a vessel for soup, it’s definitely going to be a conversation piece.

  80. Heather says:

    Dang, you got a lot of comments. All well-deserved, too. This is a fantastic idea. Really, very awesome.

  81. Pumpkin, Red Lentil and Date Soup – vegalicious says:

    [...] soupp bowls, enjoying the soup out of them and then eating them up as well. When we saw these at applepiepatispate we just had to try them. They were easy to make and the website gives good instructions on how to [...]

  82. We Are Never Full says:

    this post is freaking great. when is a soup bowl NOT great to have? these look quite sturdy – are they soft enough to eat afterwards?

  83. Courtney aka glamah says:

    Thats ingenious! I love this idea.

  84. Spinachtiger says:

    When I saw the bread bowls over at yeast spotting, I knew I would have to come visit you and get this recipe. I love soup so much and I love bread and I love a good presentation. Such winner.

  85. Barbara says:

    My family would love this idea!

  86. Elizabeth – It’s not so bad for light puree soups and anything thicker. It does get a bit mushy, though, but not so much that it falls apart.

    Thanks for visiting, everyone! :)

  87. Recipe Round-Up ~ Jan 24-30 Sugared Ellipses . . . says:

    [...] I just had to include these Bread Bowls from Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté, I’m thinking there’s probably a way to make these [...]

  88. Marc @ NoRecipes says:

    These look great I’ve seen soup being served in hollowed out boules, but I like the idea of actually baking a bowl to serve soup in.

  89. Jaden, Steamy Kitchen says:

    HONEY! that’s so gorgeous. Great idea.

  90. Jaime says:

    Okay, these are VERY cool. You’re so CLEVER!!! Well done.

  91. Kim says:

    Wow, found this page through Yahoo Search Engine while looking for a bread bowl recipie, and while I found a bunch of Puffy, hollow this out, use a bread machine ones. I was SO happy and excited to see this one. Great presentation! I also love the way you did your Ingredients. My mom is still in germany and we trade recipies all the time, this makes it so much easier since I admit I am not that good at switching it all the time…LOL. I am cooking them tonight for my B-day dinner. Beef Stew in bread bowls. (I am adding some cheese on my bowls instead of herbs for a little different flavor. :)

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful idea, and pictures!

  92. Karen says:

    What a clever idea! I’m guessing you still need to put the whole thing into a real bowl just in case, right?

  93. Charlotte says:

    i need advice on this- believe it or not- i can’t seem to find rapid yeast.
    i can find bread machine yeast but at 7.99 for jar- well yikes.
    can i use dry active yeast? but how much?

  94. Karen, it should hold up fine for thicker soups, but setting it on your dinner plate or on a small platter is at least needed just in case.

    Charlotte, instant yeast can be replaced with half as much more active dry yeast (about 1 1/8 tsp for this recipe). It needs to be rehydrated for 5 to 10 minutes in the warm water, but you already knew that :)

  95. propeL92com says:

    Delicious! Would like to purchase the bread bowl online.

  96. Vandana says:

    I made these bowls and they came out great. Thanks for your wonderful recipe. Do see my blog when you have the time.
    I have blogged about it here.


  97. Brandi says:

    I made these tonight to put my broccoli and cheese soup. I followed the instructions exactly and they turned out well! They were a little thin, but I still liked them. I split the dough into four pieces and covered bowls that hold 2 cups. And for anyone who is interested, the bowls are around 310 calories each if you make four bread bowls and use olive oil. Thanks for the cool idea! :)

  98. DancesInGarden says:

    I just finished making 2 double and 1 single batch, dividing the dough into 6 pieces per batch to get 30 smallish bowls to serve chili to a group of campers (aged 6-8).

    I used unbleached bread flour, and whey from making mozzarella cheese instead of water. I ommitted the herbs just because of the audience. The dough was a DREAM to work with! I slightly underbaked the bowls so that I can freeze them then reheat them by baking for a few minutes.

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

  99. rainbow rotini salad | ChinDeep says:

    [...] more dressing or olive oil if needed. Adjust seasonings. I served this in bread bowls I made using THIS RECIPE. These bowls are easier to make than my herbed potato bread bowls, but they come out more like [...]

  100. BankCardUSA says:

    Excellent! All of this Boston hype is making me REALLY want to qualify and run. Drats to those faster qualifying times!!

  101. Julieta says:

    The bowl came out great!!!! I love it :)
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    BTW, it teasts really good

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