Flaxseed and Oat Bran Broom Bread – 100% Whole Grain

Flaxseed and Oat Bran High-Fiber Bread Crumb

Is that 22-ounce steak dinner from last night bogging you down? Suffering from a roughage-deficient diet? Move mountains with this high-fiber variation on the 100% whole wheat sandwich bread. Packed with flaxseeds and oat bran, this bread recipe provides the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber without the unpleasant side effects of pumpernickel.

If it’s still not obvious why cleaning equipment is involved in the bread name, here’s a video that might help:

recipe adapted from Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads
Yeastspotting at Wild Yeast Blog

Flaxseed and Oat Bran “Broom” Bread – 100% Whole Grain

makes one 8 1/2 x 4 1/2-inch pan loaf

Flaxseed and Oat Bran High-Fiber Bread Crust

For the Biga (Pre-fermented Dough):

Ingredients                  Volume          Ounces          Grams
whole wheat flour             1 3/4 cups          8            227
instant yeast                   1/4 tsp
water, at room temperature      3/4 cup           6            170

Biga (Pre-fermented Dough) Instructions:

Mix the biga ingredients until a shaggy ball of dough is formed. Knead the biga for about 2 minutes or until the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Place the biga in a bowl and cover. Refrigerate for at least 8 hours and up to 3 days. Let the biga sit at room temperature for about 2 hours before using in the final dough.

For the Soaker:

Ingredients                  Volume          Ounces          Grams
whole wheat flour    1 1/3 cups + 1 tbsp          6.5          184
oat bran                          4 tbsp          1             28
flaxseeds                     1 1/2 tbsp           .5           14
kosher salt                       1 tsp            .14           4
water                   3/4 cup + 2 tbsp          7            198

Soaker Instructions:

Mix the soaker ingredients until evenly hydrated. Cover and leave at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours.

Final Dough Formula:

Ingredients                  Volume          Ounces          Grams
all of the biga, cut into 12 pieces
all of the soaker, cut into 12 pieces
whole wheat flour                 7 tbsp          2             57
kosher salt                     1/2 tbsp           .18           5
instant yeast                 2 1/4 tsp            .25           7
granulated sugar                  3 tbsp          1.5           43
olive oil                         1 tbsp           .5           14

oat bran, for topping (optional)

Final Dough Instructions:

Mix             Mix all of the ingredients until evenly incorporated

Knead           8 to 10 minutes

Rest            5 minutes

Knead           1 minute to further strengthen the gluten

Bulk Ferment    45 to 60 minutes at room temperature in a lightly
                oiled bowl, or until 1 1/2 times its size

Shape           loaf pan shape, in a greased 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 loaf pan

Sprinkle the tops of the shaped dough with more oat bran (optional).

Preheat Oven    425ºF/218ºC

Final Proof     45 to 60 minutes at room temperature, or until
                1 1/2 times its size

Score the proofed dough immediately before baking (optional).

Bake            Lower the temperature immediately to 350ºF/177ºC.
                Bake for 20 minutes. Rotate the loaf if necessary
                and bake for another 20 to 30 minutes, until the
                loaf registers 195ºF/91ºC in the center.

Cool            At least 1 hour

Flaxseed and Oat Bran High-Fiber Bread Tops
Flaxseed and oat bran broom bread top view.

Flaxseed and Oat Bran High-Fiber Bread Side
Flaxseed and oat bran broom bread side view.

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38 Responses to “Flaxseed and Oat Bran Broom Bread – 100% Whole Grain”

  1. Food Network Shows says:

    Bread looks wholesome with rich nutrients, fiber foods.and oats. Oats considered as fiber rich, and low calorie.

    Thanks for posting


  2. Rosa says:

    Those loaves are beautiful and look really perfect! A healthy choice…



  3. Manggy says:

    Aw man, the Hulu video won’t load here!
    Anyway, that bread is as perfect as can be. As usual! Look at that crumb and that lovely color!

  4. Adam says:

    Well my colon feels clean just looking at that fiber… I love the bread. Oat bran is something I wish more people would bake with, it has such a nice flavor and is wicked good for you :)

  5. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) says:

    Ah, now I get it! I’ve been trying to get more oat bran into my diet, so I’m bookmarking to make this bread.

  6. Soma says:

    A goooood looking healthy loaf:-)

  7. Susan/Wild Yeast says:

    Too funny. I eat a bowl of hot oat bran almost every morning, but who needs a bowl when you can have broom bread?

  8. Caitlin says:

    Those are so pretty, but sometimes things are just a bit too healthy – I think I’ll go eat some frosting with a spoon now… :)

  9. Sweatha says:

    Pretty and healthy.Perfect bread.Truly professional work.

  10. Sandie says:

    First of all, I love flaxseed. I add it to my yogurt every morning. Secondly, homemade bread—while I don’t get to make it as often as I’d like—is one of my favorite things on Earth. This loaf sounds particularly useful!

  11. snookydoodle says:

    wow its healthy and its so nice :)

  12. sweetbird says:

    Umm…I’m scared of bran muffins. I think this would make me explode…

  13. Natashya says:

    That is a fine looking loaf.
    Good for the tummy. I think it would be amazing toasted with a little apple butter. Yum.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Even though the name choice is obvious, I’m still miffed at the message “We’re sorry. Currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States [...]“. Luckily, your bread photos and the recipe make up for the missing video.

    Very impressive loft on 100% whole grain bread!

  15. sunshinemom says:

    Jude, these loaves looks terrific. I would like to make something like this after all the APF indulgence I have been through this month! The slashes looks so artistic:)

  16. Lori says:

    You always have amazing looking bread. These are no exception. I love the design on top. I havent quite amstered that yet. I think I need a razor, all of my knifes just deflate the dough.

  17. Zita says:

    top view and side view look georgeous! :)

    Healthy but a bit heavy for my “white bread’s” tastebuds

  18. Heather says:

    Looks like my kind of bread. I always go for the nutty, chewy, whole wheat bread. This would sweep your colon right out!

  19. Caroline says:

    Too funny, haven’t since that video since it first aired.
    Nice looking bread, as always.

  20. YeastSpotting November 14, 2008 | Wild Yeast says:

    [...] Flaxseed and Oat Bran Broom Bread ~ Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté [...]

  21. PG says:

    Each of your breads is a piece of perfection! Wonderful!
    Please come and collect something from my blog. Thanks!

  22. Manggy, Elizabeth – Sorry about that… Couldn’t find this video on Youtube.

    What was I thinking posting this video? Not exactly the most appetizing thing to go with a recipe.

  23. Aparna says:

    Looks very good, like all your breads.
    Is it called a broom bread because it cleans out your insides? :D

  24. Meredith says:

    Umm. I LOVE whole grains. I don’t really consider a bread that only contains 4 T. oat bran and 1 1./2 T. flax seed that much different than plain old whole wheat. (I put 2 T. of ground flax seed on my cereal in the morning and 1/4 c. oat bran in my smoothie.) It is possible to up the oat bran and flax seed and still maintain the moist, tight crumb and regular bread. I have recipe for a whole wheat bread/ oat bran/flax bread that has 5 T. flax and 10 T. oat bran per loaf. And I wish it contained more!!

  25. robin // caviar and codfish says:

    Oh, the bread looks delicious. I always prefer grainy breads.

    And that video, hilarious. Just sent it to Jim, who (when I met him he was a physical trainer nut) used to practically eat only fiber one.

  26. Alex says:

    I made these once before and really loved them. I used wheat bran because it was what I had but otherwise followed this recipe. I was a little scared when I pulled the loaves from the oven and felt how heavy they were, but wow what good bread!

    I just started another biga and soaker for my next set of this bread, and had one question. Have you made this bread free form, and do you think I would need to do anything to the dough to make it work.
    Thanks for the great recipe

  27. The baked bread was really heavy for me, too. I haven’t tried this specific recipe free form but there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. I remember it being stiff enough.

    I’d do the final proof in the the pans with the seam side up, flip them over onto a pan or baking stone, and maybe score it from side to side so it doesn’t expand sideways too much.

  28. Sophie says:

    I made the biga this morning and it was too wet to really “knead”. I mixed it and plunged my hand in a few times but definitely didn’t knead it. Should I have kept adding flour until I really did get a shaggy ball? It’s been sitting in the fridge all day now – is it too late to force it into a shaggy ball instead of the damp lump that is its current identity? Pretty sure I won’t be cutting it into pieces either. Pulling off soggy blobs, more like. That said, I’m really looking forward to making the soaker tonight and then making the bread tomorrow!

  29. Sorry, I’ve been so completely out of the blogging loop. How did it go? The biga should firm up after the long resting time and I wouldn’t worry about it until the next day. Try not to add too much flour because it will affect the taste and baking times considerably. Did you weigh the ingredients by any chance?

  30. Sophie says:

    Thanks for responding! In the end it did work out nicely – sorry, should have posted a follow-up, I hate it when posters only complain and then never actually say: by the way, terrific recipe, worked out fabulously.

    I have been using the volume measurements. Would you advise using the weight measurements? I can do that instead if that’s your recommendation (for the next bread I make from your gorgeous site).

  31. Absolutely. I weigh the ingredients in everything I bake whenever possible. A cup of flour can vary so much in weight depending on its brand and the way it is measured. It guarantees consistency, among other things, so it’s one less thing to worry about when learning to bake.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  32. Anu says:

    The loaves look wonderful.

  33. tracey hutchs says:

    Really great site that you have built good info thanks.

  34. gkstr says:

    Just made it and it’s delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. And sorry to see you’ve stopped updating.

  35. Caroline says:

    I am an avid bread baker and not so avid poster-on-blogs but I’d have to say your blog has been a fantastic discovery! This bread is fantastic although THAT IS SO MUCH SUGAR for a supposedly healthy bread! Hell, I don’t even put that much in my sweet doughs! I stopped at 2 tbls (20g on my scales) and will only do 1 tsp to 1 tbls next time. I am an Australian so really don’t require sugar in my bread!! Living in America means baking my own bread every week – not eating the garbage that is available or spending a fortune on ‘artisanal’ breads. Love your flaxseed and sesame crackers too – sans honey is gorgeous with blue cheese!! My go-to bread book has been “The Italian Baker” by Carol Field but I think it is time to invest in one of the Peter Reinhart books. Thanks for a great site – now onto the next recipe!

  36. Bryan says:

    I made this bread for Thanksgiving. Started with the recipe from the book but made two changes that worked out great. I used 50/50 oat bran and wheat bran rather than just the 4tbs of Oat that was prescribed. I also added in about 3TBS of Almond Flour to the Soaker. And – since it was for a holiday, I added 2tsp of honey to the Bigga and, sorry Caroline, but I used honey and put in a wee bit extra for the final mix. It came out as absolute perfection!

  37. Renita Toboz says:

    Yep, top player and a hero to many but Legend is a little strong, Agreed!

  38. On the Hunt With Katniss | Rosy-Fingered Dawn says:

    [...] Flaxseed and Oat Bran Whole Grain Bread [...]

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