Potato and Orange Salad – Ensalada Valenciana

Potato and Orange Salad - Ensalada Valenciana Bowl

Ensalada Valenciana is a simple salad of potatoes and oranges dressed with a red wine vinaigrette. This light salad has several layers of sweetness — subtle red potatoes, fresh and fruity oranges, and roasted savory pimientos.

What is a pimiento? It’s a generic Spanish word for peppers, but in this recipe, pimientos refer to roasted, skinned, and seeded sweet peppers. Pimientos are available canned or jarred but can be easily made at home.

For homemade pimientos, roast whole sweet peppers (such as your standard red bell) at 375ºF / 190ºC for about 30 minutes, turning halfway through roasting. The skins will blister and blacken. Peel the roasted peppers and remove the seeds. Refrigerated in an airtight container, pimientos will keep for several days.

recipe adapted from Penelope Casas’ The Foods and Wines of Spain
Monthly Mingle: Healthy Family Dinners hosted by What’s Cooking Blog

Ensalada Valenciana
Potato and Orange Salad

makes 4 servings

Potato and Orange Salad - Ensalada Valenciana Pimiento


3 medium red waxy potatoes, about 1 to 1 1/2 pounds
1/2 red onion
1 orange
1 pimiento
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


  1. Place the potatoes in a pot and fill with water to cover. Add a few pinches of salt and bring to a boil over high heat. Lower the heat to maintain a gentle simmer and continue cooking until the potatoes are tender and easily pierced with a fork. Simmering may take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the size. Let the potatoes cool completely, peel, and slice into 1-inch chunks.
  2. Slice the red onion into thin slivers.
  3. Peel the orange, slice into 1/4-inch cartwheels, and quarter.
  4. Slice the pimiento into strips.
  5. In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, onions, orange slices, and pimientos. Mix together the oil and vinegar briefly, pour over the salad, and fold gently with a rubber spatula.
  6. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate until well chilled.
  7. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Potato and Orange Salad - Ensalada Valenciana Plate

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50 Responses to “Potato and Orange Salad – Ensalada Valenciana”

  1. Rosa says:

    An unusual and interesting salad! I bet it tastes really good!



  2. Western Girl in Japan says:

    oh.. this looks so chic and sexy!!! I used to suck the pimientos out from olives — I love cherry peppers… you post on Brioche… BEAUTIFUL!!! This salad looks so delish..

  3. noble pig says:

    It is a wonderful recipe full of flavor with the pimento. Very nice! I just love your recipes.

  4. natalia says:

    Ciao ! I love this salad ! In Southern Italy they make it only with raw fennel, oranges and black olives I shoul try this version !!

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

    Interesting combo-at first I thought it was a fruit salad! I’m intrigued for sure… :)

  6. Meeta says:

    now this is making my tastebud tingle!

  7. Ben says:

    This simple combination has won me over. Valenciana oranges and potatoes sound like a great combination.

  8. Joelen says:

    Looks delicious and colorful!

  9. Olga says:

    What an interesting combination…I would have never thought about combining potatoes with oranges. The salad looks very pretty.

  10. rainbowbrown says:

    Mmm. Looks travel worthy. Good new traveling food makes my heart flutter. I’ve wanted that book for a while…think I should get it? I think I should.

  11. sweetbird says:

    I have a feeling potato and orange would work for me…because I’m a big baby and don’t like strange foods to go together.

  12. sweetbird says:

    Hmm…that was supposed to say “wouldn’t work for me” – Freudian slip? Probably not…

  13. grace says:

    what?!?! oranges and potatoes?!?! the thought of combining the two has never crossed my mind, but i’m certainly willing to try–i love me some taters. :)

  14. [eatingclub] vancouver || js says:

    Beautiful flavours. I’ve been jonesing for some sort of potato salad lately: maybe this will do the trick. I love red onions and potatoes together.

  15. Oggi says:

    This sounds interesting. Maybe it’s time to revisit my Penelope Casas cookbook. I have used it just once or twice (vegetable and chorizo tortilla, I think) since I bought it over 3 years ago.

  16. paoix says:

    this is very healthy looking. a 2009 resolution? i guess not after the ensaimada

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I would have never thought to put those things together. But somehow I can definitely see how they marry. Beautiful colors Jude!

  18. colloquial cook says:

    I was never aware of such a combination, which only shows, alas, my limited imagination and your exquisite talent at paring flavours!

  19. Mike says:

    I have never seen a salad like this and never would have put potatoes and oranges together, but you’re piqued my curiosity. It looks great and I’ll have to give this a shot

  20. Life Chef says:

    Nice one Jude. Very simple and elegant. I can see how the quality of the ingredients would really shine in this dish. Hmm, wonder how it would look w/ the Peruvian purple potatoes?

  21. Gera @ SweetsFoods says:

    Hi Jude!

    Beautiful texture and depth in this Spanish ensalada..salad …pairing with a Spanish good red wine fit perfect :)

  22. Tangled Noodle says:

    I’ve been on a ’salad with citrus’ binge lately – Thai pomelo salad, mandarins w/marinated cukes, etc. This is hitting all the buttons for me! Your photography beautifully enhances a simple but lovely recipe.

  23. Joelen says:

    Thanks for being a refreshing blog and providing such an enjoyable blog to read! As a result, I’ve nominated you for an award! You can view it here:

  24. Natashya says:

    What a unique combination of flavours! Looks really tasty!

  25. lisaiscooking says:

    That’s a great looking salad. I’m imagining the red wine vinaigrette is perfect with oranges and potatoes.

  26. CookiePie says:

    Delicious- what a lovely winter salad!!

  27. Lori says:

    That is an interesting salad/ I would like to try it. I have roasted peppers in the freezer to use… hmmm.

  28. noobcook says:

    oranges give a wonderful & unique flavour to this interesting salad.

  29. Soma says:

    Very interesting combination! But all of my favorites tossed toghether here. Oranges add that “refresh” feeling anyplace.

  30. Maya says:

    What an interesting combination…

  31. MyKitchenInHalfCups says:

    When they say simple is sometimes the best, I think this is what they’re eating! That is really beautiful.

  32. Susan says:

    So unusual and creative! Sounds and looks filling and delish!

  33. PG says:

    You have this magic of making even the simplest of things look so beautiful! Or is it that you make us see the beauty in those “simple” thigs. Whatever, it is a pleasure to the eyes.
    The salad is lovely! Never tried to combine oranges with potatoes. Have lots at hand and a nice orange too. Just have to check if hubby is ready for the “experiment”, as he calls them, too. :D

  34. Sandie says:

    I’ve been pushing myself to experiment with more unusual flavor combinations. This counts, and is most definitely a salad I will make at home.

  35. The Duo Dishes says:

    Mmm the red onion and orange play well together.

  36. Sweatha says:

    I agree with PG,simple items,but you prepared an exciting salad.Amazing pics as well.Never ever combined potato and oranges.

  37. Lori Lynn says:

    Oh, I am excited about this recipe as I recently planted a CITRUS SALAD TREE which has three types of oranges and one type of lime on the same tree. I am not a big orange juice fan, but this recipe with potatoes will be perfect. Thanks.

  38. White On Rice Couple says:

    This salad is wonderful! It’s so fresh, colorful and the textures are fabulous too! I’ve been loving the citrus season lately, so this salad is perfect for next week.

  39. Zita says:

    perhaps, it’s time for me to make some homemade pimientos too, the salad looks inviting ;)

  40. Zita says:

    perhaps, it’s time for me to make some homemade pimientos too, the salad looks inviting ;)

  41. Heather says:

    Ooh, pretty.

    I make a salad with potato and orange, but it’s more Caribbean in flavor (w/prawns, corn, cilantro and a hot citrus mojo).

    Just when I think I’m getting good, I realize there is so much for me to learn. :)

  42. Katie says:

    What an interesting mix of flavors! The colors are nice, too.

  43. Maggie says:

    This is so inventive. I would never have thought to put potatoes and oranges together. Think it would be good with sweet potatoes too? I’m not usually a white potato person, but I think I would like them in this :)

  44. Natalia – Fennel sounds great with this salad. Need to try that out.

    Tommi – No pretty pictures but this book is a pretty solid collection of classic recipes.

    Paoix – What resolution? :)

    Heather – I have no idea what a hot citrus mojo is but I want it.

    Maggie – I’m sure sweet potatoes are also worth a try. They might fall apart, though, so I’d go for large chunks.

    I never thought potatoes and oranges was such a weird combination for many. So refreshing and works well for me, though! Right in between sweet and savory.

  45. Christine says:

    Looks great. Very interesting combo. I would never have thought of that.

  46. Spinachtiger says:

    I have never put potatoes and oranges together, but I will now. I thrive on putting fruits and vegetables together and what a colorful way to dress up potatoes for a healthier “potato salad.”

    Thanks for tips on making pimento. I hate buying those little jars and then forgetting they are in the fridge and I need them for my crab cake recipe.

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  49. Ashleigh Rousse says:

    Great idea this. It is always difficult to thin of varied things to cook especially for a hungry family and some of the ideas here and elsewhere on your site have given me some great ideas so thak you!

  50. fruit du baobab says:

    Tumblr article…

    I saw someone writing about this on Tumblr and it linked to…

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