My name is Pati and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. “Hi Pati.” I recently realized that I have an obsession with all things culinary. There was no epiphany from slurping an oyster in France or sampling a bowl of Tom Yum in the streets of Bangkok. I enjoy dishes from my own kitchen much more than anything I could find in Chicago not because anything I make is better, but because learning to create something delicious from scratch is addictive.

Being an immigrant from the Philippines, I yearn for the tastes of home while craving flavors previously unfamiliar. Recipes can be easy to come by, but procuring ingredients is a bit challenging. A huge inspiration for this blog is Marilyn Pocius’ A Cook’s Guide to Chicago, where Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods are explored in search of ingredients. It comes close to being a comprehensive catalog of locations for unusual ingredients in Chicago, but it’s really about being open-minded and exploring your city to discover new flavors.

The blog name is based on the Filipino documentary Apple Pie, Patis, Pâté, atbp*. Not necessarily food-centric, the 24-part TV series chronicles the lives of Filipino immigrants residing in America and Europe. In this blog I recreate familiar dishes and learn about new flavors from a tiny apartment kitchen in Chicago.

* atbp is shorthand for at iba pa, which roughly translates to “and others.”