Nutrisystem Coupons and Favorite Foods

Nutrisystem is a food delivery diet program that has been tested in a number of studies. In 2012, Dr Figueroa of Florida State University found that the Nutrisystem diet had the following effects on 51 obese post-menopausal women: It decreased their body weight, trunk fat mass, and pulse wave velocity (a measure of arterial stiffness).

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My Favorite Nutrisystem Foods

The Nutrisystem food philosophy aims at helping people eat healthy in order to lose weight and also live better, healthier lives. Nutrisystem suggests delicious and easy to make meals that should be consumed in reasonable proportions. They have meal plans that guarantee a balanced nutrition; meals that have plenty of protein and fiber and low in carbs.

Favorite Breakfasts

My favorite picks for breakfast are Blueberry Lemon Baked bars and Nutriflakes Cereal.


The Blueberry Lemon Bar is made with whole wheat flour, dried blueberries, oats, butter, honey, eggs, soy, and milk. So why do I like it so much? It’s made using whole grains and prepared with no additives such as sweeteners and artificial flavors. It’s also preservative-free. The bar is very tasty, just what my taste buds need in the morning. It has an amazing nutritional aspect, with one bar giving me up to 6% of iron and 2% of calcium. It also contains a good percentage of dietary fiber.


The Nutriflakes Cereal on the other hand is whole wheat and wheat bran meal whose contents include malt extracts and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6 and D. I only add at least half a cup of fat-free milk to it, and I’ll be good to go. I can also top with grapes, bananas, strawberries or any fruit of my liking, to make it flavorful. The reason I like it much? It has the right amount of carbohydrates, sodium, proteins, fat and vitamins. It’s absolutely cholesterol free and helps me kick-start my day energized and on a positive note.

Favorite Lunches


For my Lunch, I prefer Black Beans and Rice. This meal is prepared with black beans, white rice, spices, cilantro, and vegetables such as tomatoes, bell pepper, and onions. Other ingredients used to make tastier are natural flavors such as caramel and sunflower oil.

Why is it my favorite pick? I’d say it’s very quick and easy to make. It only takes me approximately three minutes to heat it up and serve. I have always loved the nutritional value of beans, their taste and the fact that my stomach feels full through the remaining part of the day. By having this meal, I won’t crave unhealthy snacks in between meals.


My second lunch option is the Spicy Kung Pao noodles which contain wheat flour, salt, and brine. Other components of this food are peanuts, garlic, onions, natural flavors and chili peppers. The reason why I like it is because it quenches my thirst whenever I crave some Asian food, and the fact that it’s light. It takes me less than two minutes to prepare. It’s also very spicy which makes it desirable.

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Nutrisystem is all about the ideal food that is designed to help you lose fat and weight, obtain a nice and athletic figure and help you raise your self-esteem and confidence by feeling great about your body. Now, you get the opportunity to add to your diet any supplement product you need, want and desire from a vast assortment of dietary supplements. These supplements are intended to provide you with all the substances, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and fiber your body requires to burn fat, increase your metabolism, lose weight and ultimately help you sculpt the body you have always wanted.

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Favorite Snacks


My number one choice of snacks is the Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are prepared with eggs, vanilla, soy, milk, wheat, and chocolate chips that are sugar-free. I like them because of their crunchiness, taste and their ability to quench my craving for chocolate or other sweet items. They are satisfactory. I usually combine these with a glass of milk. By having these, I won’t need to feed on chocolate for days.


Golden Pound Cake is my second choice of snack. It contains water, eggs, sugar, non-fat milk and whole wheat flour. Whenever I need something sweet and light, I go for nothing else but this cake. I like the fact that I can eat it on its own and also combine it with some fruit if I’m looking for greater taste. Its nutritional components include calcium, dietary fiber, iron, and fat.

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